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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

2021 Annual Conference and Trade Show

Start Date: 9/15/2021 7:30 AM EDT
End Date: 9/15/2021 4:00 PM EDT

Venue Name: The Crowne Plaza Hotel- Warwick

801 Greenwich Ave
Warwick, RI  United States  02886

Organization Name: LeadingAge RI

Karen Donovan
Email: kdonovan@leadingageri.org
Phone: (401) 490-7612

Please join us for our 30th Annual Annual Conference and Trade Show being held on Wednesday, September 15th at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick, Rhode Island.  Click here for the flyer. 

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This year's theme is "Forward."

To move forward doesn't just mean to push past where we have been during the past 18 months. On the contrary, to truly move our organizations forward, we must leverage where we have been to become stronger and smarter.  Our future will look different than today.  Our teams will need to evolve to meet the challenges ahead.  Our organizations will succeed by bridging where we’ve been with new skills and knowledge.  We understand forward means a better tomorrow is not promised-- it has to be created.

LeadingAge RI 2021 Conference Schedule
               7:30 AM                           Open for Registration and Hot Breakfast
               8:15 – 10:15 AM               Educational Track A –Concurrent Sessions
               10:15 – 11:45 AM             Trade Show and Exhibition          
               11:45 PM – 1:20 PM         Lunch, Awards Ceremony, and Keynote Speaker
               1:30 PM – 2:45 PM          Educational Track B –Concurrent Sessions
               2:45 PM – 3:00 PM          Break
               3:00 PM – 4:00 PM          Educational Track C –Concurrent Sessions            

Luncheon Keynote: Journey on the Gurney: Resilience on Both Sides of the Bed Rails-
Julia Fox Garrison, Author, Speaker, Health Care Advocate
Get ready to be engaged and energized by this very unique and lively presentation as Julia takes you on her journey on the gurney. Wielding her trademark humor and optimism, she transcends the sobering subject of long-term recovery. Staring into the face of adversity, Julia is living proof that laughter, boundless enthusiasm, and unflinching determination are important tools in helping one prevail. The person-centered experience originates with the well-being of health care providers. It is essential to address professional burnout during these unprecedented times. Resilience must be cultivated on both sides of the bed rails. This keynote will touch on how to incorporate and unite humanity, hope, and humor into healthcare; influence treatment involving patients and their families to become empowered for self-determined living; apply strategies to communicate effectively by using language that connects rather than dehumanizes through exercising attentive listening and the power of thoughts to influence feelings and actions; examine insights to health care from the patient’s perspective by creating a positive atmosphere while empowering patients to overcome with attitude, choice, and purpose; and recognize the need for mutual resiliency on both sides of the bed rails and to relate on a human level to treat the mind and spirit as well as the body.
Educational Track A - 8:15 am to 10:15 am
A-1: Survey Trends and Updates- Pam Bibeault, Triad Consulting
Join Pam for an overview of the latest RI survey trends and updates on regulations and other guidance. COVID-19 guidance will also be reviewed as well as hot tips and strategies to best prepared and have a great survey! (RISNA Nursing Credits applied for)*
A-2: Strategic Approaches to 360 Degree Census Recovery Across the Continuum- Erin Dunn, MS, CCC-SLP, Elisa Bovee, MS OTR/L, HealthPRO Heritage
To accomplish network development initiatives and go on the path of census recovery there are fundamental and strategic options that differentiate programs and ultimately impact occupancy. Start with the current data analytics and evaluate where programming can support the patients and residents in growing their satisfaction, outcomes metrics, and quality of care. Then, through a series of innovative tactics that this presentation will focus one, execute a meaningful work plan that includes the IDT and tackles obstacles to accelerate and maintain referral source confidence and loyalty. In this presentation, audiences will:

  • Learn strategic insight in the value of clinical programming and wellness models
  • Analyze marketplace data to identify opportunities both internal and external
  • Understand how to avoid common pitfalls by using data vs relying on single touchpoint relationships
A-3:  Surviving & Thriving in Chaotic Times, “Managing Staff Stress”- Dr.  Wayne Tasker, TeamHealth
Over the past year, life as we know it has been dramatically altered. In health care, this has been even more evident and our daily routine was drastically changed. Constant change and fears connected with the pandemic, placed a tremendous physical and emotional stress on healthcare providers. Our job was to care for our patients and their well-being, all the while, trying to manage our own personal health and emotional needs. The purpose of this workshop is to help participants develop and implement interventions to help their staff not only learn how to cope with stress, but to recognize the causes and effects of stress. Understanding root causes of stress and learning techniques to manage or even prevent stress can be a valuable tool to reduce staff burnout, dissatisfaction and poor morale. (NASW-RI Credit Applied for)
A-4:  Designing Meaningful Dementia Activities- Lisa Wasson, RN, Hope Health
 We will discuss identifying and staging dementia, how to provide residents with activities that fill their day with meaning and discuss the difference between simply entertaining them vs. providing engaging activities that stimulate brain activity. Focus will be on creating affordable and engaging activities that give back moments of joy to residents with early onset dementia, sundowning, those with a high elopement risk and individuals who have a high fall risk.  The goal of this education will be to correlate activities that are most appropriate at each stage of disease with an individual’s remaining ability, in order to improve completion of everyday tasks. 
Educational Track B – 1:30 pm to 2:45 pm
B-1: Resistance Isn’t the Enemy- Pamela T. Wagner, MSN, RN, CPPS, Clinical Specialist, PURELL SMARTLINK Solutions and Healthcare
Healthcare workers are always collaborating with other professionals to bring about better clinical outcomes. Leading change is hard work, and while some efforts are successful, others are not. In fact, research indicates approximately 70% of change efforts fail to produce what they are intended to.  When change initiatives fail, the temptation is to blame the failure on ‘resistance’, pointing fingers at the people who wouldn’t get on board. And too often, the resistance is viewed from one perspective only – that of the change initiator. And from this perspective, it is often assumed that the ‘resisters’ are negatively tossing out unreasonable obstacles or barriers that need to be thwarted. In reality, the majority of ‘resisters’ are really just wanting to share from their perspective what this change effort means in the context of their world.  Resistance is an important form of feedback and can be a powerful tool to help you implement change.
This presentation will help IPs view resistance as an opportunity to engage in dialogue with change recipients
who can provide valuable information and perspective and who would like to have a voice in shaping the change. (RISNA Nursing Credits applied for)* (NASW-RI Credit Applied for)
B-2: Women in Leadership: “Finding Your Voice” - Donna Policastro, RNP, President, The Policastro Group; Executive Director, Rhode Island State Nurses Association.  
In this session, participants will discuss the gender disparities that women face in leadership roles, review the common core principles of leadership, and discuss the personal experiences and leadership journey of the presenter as a case study in the health care field.  Attendees will understand the importance of having women in leadership roles in health care, the attributes of an effective leader, and how to promote a favorable environment for women leaders.  (RISNA Nursing Credits applied for)*
B-3: Communicating Effectively with Humor – Katie Leeman, Leeman Communications Collaborative
Chances are, if you work for a healthcare organization, you are passionate about what you do. But is your passion--and lately, burnout--getting in the way of your ability to communicate effectively? If you:
  • feel like you are not being heard during interactions with patients, staff or management from many different backgrounds;
  • overload others with too much information, only to have your message get lost;
  • believe you could improve your leadership communication style to help your team get on board;
  • try to use humor to improve situations only to have it fall flat or, worse, offend someone...
this is the session for you! There are two parts to communicating effectively: the message and the messenger—YOU! 
This interactive session will help you immediately improve aspects of your interpersonal communication. Facilitator Katie Leeman pulls on over 20 years of expertise in organizational and marketing communication as well as extensive experience in theater, improvisational comedy, mediation and diversity & inclusion to bring you a unique workshop guaranteed to make you more effective at your very next meeting. (NASW-RI Credit Applied for)
B-4: Understanding the Grief Process: The Cumulative Loss of COVID-19- Deanna Upchurch, Hope Health
The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought immeasurable loss and grief. Attendees will define grief and loss, understand the unique nature of the experience, and identifying effective interventions, discuss how COVID-19 has affected the grief process and how we can provide sustainable support to those working in residence facilities, and identify what may help us as professional caregivers dealing with global, collective loss and how we can model healthy coping and compassionate support of others. (NASW-RI Credit Applied for)
Educational Track C – 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm
C-1: Tips and Tricks for Managing Employees- Karyn Rhodes, Complete Payroll Solutions
Effective supervision is crucial to the success of any organization. Good supervisors raise productivity, efficiency and employee morale, and enhance an organization’s ability to attract the right people. Front-line leaders today must manage a broad set of responsibilities and expectations. This training ensures your supervisors and managers are up to the task by providing participants the practical skills, strategies, and tools they need – and that can be applied in the workplace immediately
C-2: Challenges and Impact of Antimicrobial Resistance Since COVID-19 Outbreak-  Dr. Kerry LaPlante, Pharm.D., University of Rhode Island
Preparing for Antimicrobial resistance is more important now than ever before. Join Dr. Kerry LaPlante to discuss how to identify gaps in antimicrobial development for resistant organisms, select the appropriate areas of resistance needed to be addressed by future drug development, and describe ways that antimicrobial stewardship has changed since the COVID pandemic began. (RISNA Nursing Credits applied for) *
C-3: OSHA Regulatory Update – Robert Sestito, Area Director, OSHA

This session will provide the necessary information you need to act quickly and ensure employees are being provided a safe workplace free from recognized hazards.  This includes a focus on the Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) requirements related to preventing the spread of COVID-19, such as guidance related to physical barriers, ventilation, staff training, and paid leave requirements. 

*These activities have been submitted to the Rhode Island State Nurses Association (RISNA) for approval to award nursing contact hours. Rhode Island State Nurses Association is an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation

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